Junior Traveler
Ski and Snowboard all day  supervised instruction programming for ages 6 to 12
Senior Traveler
Ski and Snowboard programming  instruction and full day supervision for ages 13 to 17
Instructor in Training
Ages 13 to 15 instructor training with a level one nationally reckognized certification at the end of the program. 
Adult Program
The ultimate adult mid week escape to come out and ski or snowboard with an advanced level certified instructor for 7 wednesdays of the season. 

Sign your child up for adventure this winter!!!

Senior Traveler Program

This program is for ages 13-15 years old beginner to expert level skiers and snowboarders.  
This day starts at one of our pickup locations for your child around 7:00am to 7:30am depending on locations, for (exact expected times please contact us or refer to your program guide provided at registration). This is an all day program that starts right as soon as they get off the bus at Castle Mountian.   They are organized into groups based on the registration information provided and the learning and fun begins.   The program runs for the entire morning till lunch where they have a supervised lunch break with thier instructors.  Lunch is available for pre purchase for the season (cheapest option), regular purchase (send your child with money)  or you can of course pack your child a lunch just as you do for school.   The program then resumes after lunch until 3:00pm where the children then board the bus for a departure from Castle Mountain at 3:30pm where thier bus counsellors and Instructors will check to ensure they and thier equipment make it on the bus for the return trip home with an expected pick up time of 5:00pm to 6:30pm depending on drop off location and road conditions. 
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